69 1st Road, Qurtuba Village, Linbro Park AH, Sandton, 2090

Catherine’s renovated home


Overwhelmed with emotions and close to tears Catherine was overcome with happiness and gratitude for her new and renovated home in River Park.

Catherine had been a devoted employee of the Adamjee’s and said that it moved her to know that they had never treated her as a domestic helper but rather, were kind enough to take her in as one of their own, always treating her with respect and care.

Upon reaching her 20th year of working for the Adamjee’s, the family gratefully requested that Catherine retire from work, so that she could enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

As a parting gift, the Adamjee’s renovated Catherine’s home to include 3 bedrooms. Her refurbished home allows Catherine and her children to live comfortably.

She and her daughters were incredibly grateful and said they would continuously pray to God to bless the Adamjee Family for their generosity towards them, for not only have they made a positive difference in Catherine’s life, but in her children’s as well.

Floors were newly tiled and ceilings renovated and repaired.