69 1st Road, Qurtuba Village, Linbro Park AH, Sandton, 2090

The first AFAP student seminar for 2019


In an effort to establish and maintain a growing relationship with the students of the Adamjee Foundation Academic Programme (AFAP), the organisation hosts a tri-annual seminar in an effort to mentor, guide and motivate the students to be the best and most productive version of themselves.

The Adamjee Foundation (AF) offers financial assistance and bursaries to employees and students at tertiary institutes. At present, there are 90 enrolled students who are under the care of the AFAP. The seminars held each year are aimed at promoting student growth, self-development and giving students the platform to make new friends, and establish a support system with other members within the programme.

This year the AFAP adopted a different approach and asked employees of the Adamjee Group (AG) to come on board and offer some form of advice or motivation from their experiences for the first seminar of 2019. Mr Imtiaz Saib, the CEO of Qurtuba Islamic Academy, enlightened the students on the importance of growth and vision, with his topic, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying” and Fatima Seedat received a few smiles and giggles from the students with her fun ice breakers.

Once the students were a bit more responsive, adventurous couple Fahmeedah and Abu Bakr Nadat took them on a riveting walkthrough of their climb up Mount Kilimanjaro and the 10 lessons they learnt through the experience. Following through with their lessons, Raheema Amiroodeen guided the students with a goal setting activity that attempted to establish a goal-directed future for every student.

Azraa Sujee, a new employee at the Adamjee Group spoke to the audience about moving beyond the word impossible, believing in themselves and working towards doing something, despite the opinions of others. The key to accomplishing anything is first though, is taking care of your own mind, body and soul, and that’s exactly what Samina Anwary spoke to the students about. She highlighted the 10 things she wishes she had known when she was their age, emphasizing the importance of self-care.

No matter the obstacle, challenge or setback every person has the ability within themselves to overcome hurdles. Yusuf Moola gave a very personal and motivating talk urging students to unleash the power within themselves. The seminar ended off with Sipho Gwala a member of the Alex Art Collective telling his story of coming from nothing and making something of life. He expressed that no matter how successful they become they should always remember where they come from, and to give back to the community and people who helped them get to where they are. Overall there was a general feeling of gratitude and determination to work harder and accomplish more in order to make something great of themselves. One seminar down, two more to go!