69 1st Road, Qurtuba Village, Linbro Park AH, Sandton, 2090

Mass feeding in Alexandra


Through the narrow bustling streets of Alexandra, the Adamjee Foundation (AF) volunteers weaved their way through the community to hand out 1000 free meals at the Alexandra Islamic Help Desk on the 10th of November 2018. In addition to the meals, 500 loafs of bread were distributed to residents of Alexandra.

The food distribution programme was open to adults and children from the Alex community at large to assist in alleviating their struggles. The event created a sense of unity between the donors and the Alex community, and inspired an awareness amongst both parties; the less fortunate about the willingness of others to help, and the Adamjee Foundation on the plight and conditions of others.

Children and adults alike flocked to receive their free meal, for some what may be the only meal of the day. While the centre may have been in the jurisdiction of ANC ward councillor, Adolph Marema, DA ward councillor, Bongani Nkomo, was also present to assist. This collaborative effort included assistance from Nanima, of The Nanima Foundation, who facilitated the bread distribution.

Bread distribution

At mid-day, carpets and plastic bags were laid down on the smelting tar so that Dhuhr (mid-day prayers) could commence. The prayer was led by an elder from the Adamjee Foundation, followed by residents of Alex and volunteers from The Adamjee Foundation.

Prayers at mid-day

The AF founders regard themselves as being part of the Alex community, having been residents of the area for 25 years. Through the will and blessing of the Almighty, the AF hopes to conduct many more distributions and social projects to uplift the community.

On behalf of the foundation, we wish Iphutheng Primary School success in their endeavours and hope we can continue to contribute to the Alex community in a positive and beneficial way.