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At The Adamjee Foundation, our contribution to the community surpasses that of monetary donations alone. We encourage our entire staff complement of over 400 to follow in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) by actively participating in social work so that we uphold the ‘charity’ pillar of Islam and meet our corporate responsibilities. The opportunity for them to give generously of their time, show compassion and provide emotional or educational support is continuously seized through our ongoing foundation projects.

Assisting local communities in Linbro Park and surrounds since 2015

Officially launched in 2015 by the Adamjee family of Qurtuba, Linbro Park, Johannesburg, The Adamjee Foundation is underpinned by values of compassion, social conscience and generosity. The family invests all their effort into building their businesses which span across several industries including construction, education, security and hospitality, but are driven by Islamic principles of sharing the blessings bestowed on them to uplift the community.

The NPO is a division of the Adamjee Group of Companies and plays a significant role in assisting local communities in Linbro Park, as well as the surrounding areas; Alexandra, Marlboro and Klipfonteinview. Several senior members of the Adamjee family were born in Alexandra and have a strong connection to the area and its people. The foundation members are active citizens in their ward and have built beneficial relationships with the respective ward councillors so that they’re always aware of the community’s exact needs and challenges at all times.

Who we are
The Adamjee Foundation is underpinned by values of compassion, social conscience and generosity.
Our aim

The Adamjee Foundation aims to address various social issues through proactive and reactive measures. We elevate the community through educational efforts, building projects and feeding schemes.

Our mission
To uplift communities indiscriminately.
OUR projectS

Academic Program

The Adamjee Foundation has established a sustainable and consistent academic program to give our youth the immeasurable gift of education by assisting those who require financial assistance for their academic pursuits. Mentorship and holistic development form a pivotal part of this program. The program is categorised into funding for school fees and tertiary education.

While the Foundation assists first-time, secondary and tertiary students each year, many of our applicants have been long-standing members of our academic program.

Learning foundation

The Adamjee Foundation aspires to develop the youth through supporting educational institutions, particularly in the Alexandra area.

The Foundation has a continuous relationship with Realogile High School’s principal and has supported the institution over the years since 2014. In 2016 a brand-new library was built for the students to use for study and research and the Foundation has been supporting the library with resources ever since.

The Foundation proceeded to establish a relationship with Iphutheng Primary School in 2016 with the intention to support the school in a similar way to that of Realogile.

In 2019, the Adamjee Foundation successfully began and completed the construction of a new library for Iphutheng Primary School; previously the school was utilising an old shipping container as their library. With the help of the Foundation, Iphutheng students now have a spacious library with books, reading nooks and study corners. A librarian was appointed by the Foundation to assist the school in running the library and seeing to the pupil’s needs.

Food program


The feeding scheme expanded in August 2017 to the township of Alexandra.

It began with 100 bread loaves being handed out to elderly individuals every week at the Tshebedisano Community Centre.

As of 2020, approximately 20 000 loaves of bread are distributed monthly. The foundation has 8 drop off points and 7 distribution points in surrounding underprivileged areas extending well beyond the Alexandra township.


A hamper project was launched in August 2017, which aimed to provide essential grocery items to deserving, underprivileged individuals around Johannesburg. The recipients are identified by trusted community members and they’ve since become recipients of Adamjee Foundation hampers each month.

Over 400 hampers are handed out in Johannesburg, and 50 hampers are handed out in Durban on a monthly basis.

Habitat program

The Habitat Program aims to provide low-cost housing for people that are in desperate need of a sturdy roof over their heads in the Alexandra, Johannesburg.

Takeaway spaces were conceptualised by a division of the Adamjee Group to address the lack of space and sufficient housing in Townships such as Alexandra.

2021 will hopefully see the roll-out of takeaway spaces in Johannesburg.

Skills Academy

The development of The Adamjee Foundation Skills Academy began in January 2020. The academy aims to develop a carpentry curriculum that can empower unemployed individuals to start their own carpentry business.

Helper's Centre

The Helper’s Centre feeds 200 people every week day from Monday to Friday thanks to the generous nature of Mary Hoffman, who leads this project and has allowed AF to use her residence as a base. The aim is to develop the centre into a safe haven for those who need a listening ear or alternative assistance.

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